Solution for today's laboratory

We are your one-stop solution for planning until after-sales maintenance of laboratory furniture.

We understand that each project is unique. Our expertise & professional staff will listen carefully to your needs before creating a plan to encapsulate your vision. We will be with you at every stage to ensure the vision will turn into a reality.

Our Speciality

Lab Furniture

At Roland, we have a wide range of selections of state-of-the-art furniture and fixtures to fulfil the need to build a laboratory facility for commercial needs or educational purposes and offer the best warranty in the industry. You can count on us to provide the highest craftsmanship of components from general laboratory furniture, fume hoods, laboratory accessories, laboratory safety product, specialized items, or gas, pipe & duct that we are proudly produced in our warehouse with the assistance of our expert technicians that will inspect and ensure that all of the products have gone through the process of Quality Management System ISO 9001.

Lab Design

Our deep understanding and experience of the industry provided us with adequate skills on how to fulfil your ideal laboratory using the innovative modular furniture technology. Continuous research ensures that we can stay ahead of our competitors and provide you with insights and recommendations.

How we work

We work alongside with you to accommodate your specifications and provide the best value. From providing a comprehensive report to consulting the best possible craftsmanship.

Project Analysis

Thinking of starting a laboratory project? Contact us and our team will visit your location, survey the location, and provide a comprehensive report to assist you in your planning.

Design & Engineering

The objective is to ensure that our laboratory furniture and accessories meet your standards.

CAD Services

Precision is in our DNA, therefore we will provide CAD drawings to enable you to visualize and evaluate the plan

Laboratory Site Installation

You can rely on us to ensure that that the installation will follow the National and International Standards.

Laboratory Relocation & Upgrade

Call our professional team should you need to upgrade, dismantle, remove, and install laboratory furniture products at your desire.

Fume Hood Test & Inspection

Count on us when you need to test and certify fume hoods as we based our inspection on ANSI-ASHRAE 100 standards.

After Sales Services & Warranty

Your satisfaction is everything, therefore, we will ensure that you will receive the best after-sales services even after the warranty expires.