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Lab Furniture

The quintessential features of the laboratory such as box cabinet, utility (service), hanging rack, and center rack that you can customize using our standard modular components from wood or steel to suit your need.


Our modular components will enable you to customize the material between wood or steel. Both have different properties and functions. The wood base technology is commonly used in Indonesia but you can choose from our wide varieties of steel materials to suit your needs.

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Storage Cabinet / Glassware Cabinet

Store your Glassware, files, and other items in our Cabinets to fit most of the laboratory equipment.

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Hanging Rack

No more space for benches? Use our Hanging Racks. Choose from a glass door or a closed-door for more convenience

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Balance Table

Our Balance Table is designed and applicable for Analytical Balance Instrument. It is anti-vibration, hassle-free, and ready to use for your weighing station.

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Island Bench

Need an Island Bench on your Lab? Our Island or Center Bench can be combined with Center Racks, and other Fixtures to fit your lab requirement.

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Wall Bench

Our Benches are designed based on International Standards, equipped with an anti-chemical countertop, and able to withhold 250kg-500kg weight for your heavy instruments. It is modular hence you can relocate your furniture should you need to improve or upgrade your lab. Our Benches are well known for their lifetime. It could last for more than 30 years!

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