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Understanding your need is our commitment, therefore, we are ready to craft made-to-order items. To name a few, we can provide you with a Chemical Storage Cabinet, Ductless Fume Hood, Laminar Flow amongst others. Do not hesitate to speak to our dedicated consultants.


Our Passbox is designed to be used in the Cleanroom and BSL class Laboratory, you can equip this Pass Box with Alarm or UV light (optional) and it has an interlock mechanism hence there won't be any contamination between each room.

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Sensory Booth

A sensory booth is usually used in Flavor & Fragrances, FMCG and other industries. We designed our sensory booth with special lighting, exhaust, lockets, and screen so you can sense the sample easily.

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Incubator Rack

Does your lab require high mobility? Why not use our trolley cart? We can customize the item based on your requirements

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Low Bench

GMP requires a clean environment, hence we created a stainless steel bench on ANTE room to swap your lab coats and lab shoes. Contact us for more information

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