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Aksesoris Lab

Tingkatkan kualitas dari laboratorium Anda dengan aksesoris seperti worktops, soket listrik, atau kebutuhan perlengkapan lainnya? Konsultasi kami akan dengan senang hati untuk memberi solusi terhadap kebutuhan Anda.

Phenolic Top Panel

There are many countertops available on market, but for laboratory usually there are only few options. Phenolic Resin or also known as Compact Panels, Synthetic Marble, Epoxy Resin, Stainless Steel and Marble. They all have strengths and weaknesses. Feel Free to consult with us to known which one suits your needs!

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Laboratory Fitting

Laboratory Fittings Nozzle and handle for water, special water, vacuum, gas, etc for laboratory differ from other general-use taps. Every type of use has a different color according to the requirement of DIN 12920 and made from special materials (brass and/or stainless steel). The entire surface is coated and treated with chemical resistant material-polyester powder lacquer.

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PP Sinks

Ever wonder why your sink don't last long? Our Polypropylene Sink could resist most of chemicals, it is chemically resistant and is used in many labs world wide. Try now!

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Hood Extractor (SS / Fumed)

Extractors are used for special applications. Stainless steel usually used for hot vapour, while Polypropylene or PVC extractors are used for anti-chemical vapours. It is not Fume Hood replacements! Contact us to consult more.

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Our Pegboards are used to dry your glassware, usually installed on the wall above your sinks, or it can be free-standing. Contact us should you need to customize your Pegboards!

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