We provide one stop solution for Laboratory Furniture from planning your laboratory to after sales maintenance and services.

Laboratory Furniture Consultation

Our experienced team will assist your concerns from laboratory functions, room size, space accessibility, type of materials to use, utility management, number of users, safety & hygiene issues, air flow, gas line system, drainage system, work station customization to financial or budgetary concerns.

We provide the best solution to meet your needs according to the budget you have set through. A report detailing our preliminary and comprehensive plan, and materials to be used, continued with a price quotation will be given for your consideration in determining the final choice.

On Site Survey Analysis & Preparation

We do presentations, site visits and surveys to prepare a report to our experienced design team and give oral and written feedback to you.

Design & Engineering

We ensure that all our laboratory furniture are designed according to laboratory standards and built to serve the exact need / requirements of the end user.

CAD Services

We provide CAD drawings from layout drawings, detail drawings, 3D drawings, utility drawings to shop drawings

Installation : Electrical, Gas Line, Water / Liquid Supply & Drainage, Exhaust Ducting

We use reliable sources that accomplish National or International standards to ensure safety, ease of installation, maintenance and potential for upgrading. Our experienced installation team works accurately, keeping an eye to even the most minor detail to ensure users of quality and safety.

Fume Hood Test & Inspection

We do fume hood test and inspection based on ANSI-ASHRAE 110 standards. This standard is one of the latest and most comprehensive methods for testing operator safety level of fume hoods.

This inspection includes:

  1. General function check: drawers, doors, sash(es), belts and pulleys, monitoring devices, service fixture, dumper, blower motors and bearings
  2. Structural check: liner and structure of hood
  3. Utility check (water, electrical, gas, drainage)
  4. Noise level test
  5. Lighting test
  6. Air flow Visualization tests
  7. Face Velocity test

Fume Hood testing can be divided into three kinds, namely, “As Manufactured(AM)”, “As Installed(AI)”, and “As Used(AU)”. We suggest doing a Fume Hood calibration test annually.

Laboratory Relocation & Upgrade

We can upgrade, dismantle, remove and install most of our products and some other laboratory furniture products. Our professionals will take the utmost care in moving your lab furniture to your new location.

After Sales Services & Warranty

We value our customers and thrive to achieve their utmost satisfaction.

As we do our best in ensuring that our products reach out customers in good condition, we also provide after sales services to our clients.

We will still provide after sales services even after expiration of warranty.

Please contact us for details of our product’s warranty, terms and conditions.