Steel Furniture

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Roland’s Steel Furniture – Type RL is a product ​​entirely made from steel. Type RL has advantages because of its modular, knock-down, highly flexible, corrosive-resistant, and capability to hold heavy loads over 200 kg/m2.

This product is highly recommended for the fast growing laboratory and for customers with more budgets. 

Type RL structure is made ​​from high quality steel, and has been processed through various stages (pre-coated galvanized and powder-coated) that is corrosive resistant, scratch resistant, fire retardant, and termite free.

This type is equipped with a metal box cabinet that is designed hanging to the steel structure (C-Frame) so its easily replaced, and moved as needed.

WALL BENCHES or SIDE TABLES Type RL is designed to accommodate laboratory activities that is placed along the wall of the room.

Our standard sizes for this type are :

Width                : 700, 750, 800, 850, 900 mm

Height               : 750, 850, 900 mm

Length               : as required

ISLAND BENCHES or CENTER TABLES Type RL has many variety of accessories such as, hanging racks, utility (service) shelves, center racks and could be choosen according to your needs.

Our standard sizes for this type are:

Width      : 1200, 1530 mm

Height      : 750, 850 mm

Length     : 2400, 3050, 3600 mm