Steel Frame with Wood Cabinets


Laboratory Furniture – Type RL+ is a combination product with Type R and Type RL.  This product use steel frame (C-Frame) and combined with wood cabinets. This will give solution for customer who needs flexibility and has less budget.

WALL BENCHES or SIDE TABLES Type RL+ is designed to accommodate laboratory activities that is placed along the wall of the room. 

Our standard sizes for this type are:

Width                : 700, 750, 800, 850, 900 mm

Height               : 750, 850, 900 mm

Length               : as required

ISLAND BENCHES or CENTER TABLES Type RL+ has many variety of accessories such as, hanging racks, utility (service) shelves, center racks and could be choosen according to your needs.

Our standard sizes for this type are:

Width      : 1200, 1530 mm

Height      : 750, 850 mm

Length     : 2400, 3050, 3600 mm