Laboratory Furniture

Our furniture consisted of standard modular components such as: box cabinet, utility (service) shelves, hanging rack, and center rack.

These modular components are available either from wood or steel. Wood base laboratory furniture is commonly used in Indonesia; however, the demand of steel base laboratory furniture continues to rise. Both have different properties and functions and vice versa with the advantages and disadvantages. 

Currently, we offer three types of laboratory furniture,  Type R is based on solid wood structure, Type RL are made entirely of steel, and Type RL+ which is a combination of steel structure with wooden cabinet boxes.

Our research and development team always put the best effort to develop new types for the growing market. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Wood Furniture

Laboratory Furniture Type R is our standard product that has been used and marketed over 30 years in Indonesia. Type R has a structure made ​​of solid wood covered with epoxy paint that is resistant to chemicals and could hold to heavy loads. Type R also has advantages over other types, one of which is this product can adjust the size of the room and throughout each gap or space will be covered with silicone seal so that no dirt and dust accumulation. This product is suitable for the environment in Indonesia. continue reading > ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Steel Furniture

Laboratory Furniture – Type RL is a product ​​entirely made from steel. Type RL has advantages because of its modular, knock-down, highly flexible, corrosive-resistant, and capability to hold heavy loads over 200 kg/m2. continue reading > ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Steel Frame with Wood Cabinets

Type RL+ is a combination product with Type R and Type RL.  This product use steel frame (C-Frame) and combined with wood cabinets. This will give solution for customer who needs flexibility and has less budget. continue reading >