Laboratory Accessories

Accessories are important items that support a laboratory to function and perform well. PT. RGA offer wide range of quality accessories, such as :



Worktops are a critical element for laboratory furniture and the most vulnerable to damage; therefore the material of worktops affects the overall quality of its furniture. We provide worktops made from phenolic resin material, HPL melamine, epoxy resin, and stainless steel.


Electricity Socket 220/230 V, 380/400 V, 1phase, 3phases, etc are one accessory that is no less important in the laboratory. Every electric socket is equipped by protective cover to prevent the chemical liquid and short circuit and have IP 44 or above standards. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Laboratory Fittings Nozzle and handle for water, special water, vacuum, gas, etc for laboratory differ from other general-use taps. Every type of use has a different color according to the requirement of DIN 12920 and made from special materials (brass and/or stainless steel). The entire surface is coated and treated with chemical resistant material-polyester powder lacquer. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Sinks, Bowls & bottle traps. We use high quality polyprophylene and epoxy resin sinks & bowls and bottle traps as our standard. This material has an advantage against corrosion, and highly resistant to chemicals, where concentrated chemical, solvent and alkaline mixture.

Peg Boards is one of sink accessories to hold glassware.  Available in various types to fit your needs _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please contact us for details or other furniture accessories