Gas, Pipe & Duct


Planning and designing of gas supply, pipeline and ducting is very important in the laboratory. These thing often forgotten and done at the end of project resulting no proper safety system

We can assist you in planning for the purposes of gas, plumbing, and ducting path from the very beginning the project to end integrated with our furniture and ready to use. 

We provide a wide range of accessories for gas, piping and ducting lines like:

Flexible Extractor

Flexible Extractor Is used to extract hazardous particles and gases.

Flexible Extractor has 360° degree rotational swivel mounted in place to facilitate your work.

There are 4 types available, namely:

  1. Standard Version, suitable for evacuation of most types of airborne contaminants.
  2. PP Version, most suitable for evacuation of highly corrosive contaminants in high concentrations.
  3. ESD Version, for ESD environment, type approved to EN 100015-1
  4. ATEX Version,  for ATEX classed environment, as in directive 94/9/EC category 2, for gases and dust.

All types are suitable for table mounting, ceiling mounting and wall mounting.

Independent Hood

Independent Hood is usually used for special equipment such as, AAS (ATOMIC ABSORPTION SPECTROPHOTOMETER), Autoclave, or others. This hood is static and differ from Flexible Extractor.

We provide Independent Hood made from PVC or Stainless Steel.


We have 2 (two) types of scrubbers, namely wet and dry scrubber.

Wet scrubbers are designed to remove water-soluble compunts from exhaust streams.

Please click here to download our Scrubbers brochure.

Gas line system & Manifolds                  

We can do gas line system for your lab, please see our photos section for few references.

Gas line fittings and valves

We provide various types of fittings, valves with their respective functions. We use only the highest materials that comply to both British Standard and European Standard.


Exhaust chimney

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