Fume Hoods

A Laboratory Fume Hood is a safety device specifically designed to carry the undesirable effluents (generated within the Hood during a laboratory procedure) away from laboratory personnel and out of the building, when connected to a properly designed laboratory ventilation system.

Laboratory Fume hoods are perhaps the most widely used and misused safety devices in the laboratory. The lack of knowledge regarding Fume Hood operating procedure can lead to a serious danger to the user. Therefore, every Fume Hood must be completed by the manuals, training, and testing / testing in accordance with international standards.

Year after year, we are commissioned to repair improperly installed fume hood systems. One of the most common complaints is the presence of “smells” in the laboratory. There are a host of possibilities :

  • Improperly sized exhaust fans
  • Positive pressure exhaust systems
  • Back flow from joint duct or compound systems in multiple fume hood installation
  • Improper placement of fume hood
  • Nevertheless, there are many ways to install a fume hood system. Some installations are easy, others extremely complicated. It is in our best interest not only to provide a solution but a long lasting one.

    There are some ares where fume hoods should not be placed. Unsuitable areas include high traffic passageways, near aiR conditioning registers and near windows or out doors. (see the picture below)

    The sitting of fume hoods in the laboratory should be considered at the initial stages in the planning of new laboratory facilities or renovation works.

    Our Fume hoods are designed and manufactured in accordance to SEFA-1 2006, BS 7258, EN 14 175 and ANSI / ASHRAE 110 standards in an ISO 9001 facility. Every Fume Hood has been tested in accordance with the provisions and standards that meet international standards of safety, performance, lighting, efficiency, noise, ergonomics and aesthetics.

    The ANSI/ASHRAE 110 standard is one of the latest and most comprehensive methods for testing operator safety level of fume hoods by determining qualitatively and repeatedly how well fume hood contain the gases and vapors released in the work zone.

    Our standard size of fume hoods is:

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