VAV Demo Unit Fume Hood !

What is VAV (Variable Air Volume) Fume Hood ?

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Fume hood has been gaining popularity and effectiveness since 1980′s.

A VAV fume hood control system is designed to vary the hoods’ exhaust rate to maintain a constant average face velocity throughout the sash opening.

e.g :
- At 25 cm Sash opening door, the average face velocity is = 0.5 m/s
- At 50 cm Sash opening door, the average face velocity is maintained at = 0.5 m/s

The complexity of this system requires fast, stable control systems, which are more expensive, on an installed cost basis, than constant volume control systems.

VAV Fume hood system offers less space for ducting lines, since it’s ducting lines could be joined together and can reduce the total volumetric flow requirements of the HVAC system. This system could help to maintain room pressure, and temperature compared to Constant Volume (CV) Fume Hood.

We provide a demonstration of this system(*), should you need further explanation.

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