Completed Indolakto Project – New East Plant, Purwosari

PT Indolakto is one of the largest dairy producer in Indonesia, which produces, among others, sweetened condensed milk, fluid milk (Ultra High Temperature milk or UHT, sterilized milk in bottles, pasteurized milk) and milk powder. In addition, Indolakto also manufactures ice cream, yogurt drinks and butter. Indolakto brands include Indomilk, Cap Enaak, Three Cows, Orchid Butter, and Indoeskrim, the leading brands in the market with significant market share. Indolakto brands are known and recognized by consumers due to taste and high quality. PT. Roland GA is honored to be entrusted for the job. Indolakto’s has one of the most advanced, flexible, moveable and quality furniture laboratory in Indonesia.