PT. RGA utilizes only trustworthy partners and suppliers in accordance with international and local standards to ensure good quality and harmony with our products.

Our International resources and suppliers include:

Labtech Equipment Corp (Taiwan)

Founded in 1979 in Taipei, Labtech is Taiwan’s leading Laboratory furniture company that use high quality steel and has flexible system that is highly adaptable in many laboratory. The company is also executive member of SEFA. PT.RGA has worked alongside with Labtech for a number of projects in Indonesia.

Erlab® (France)

Created over 40 years ago in 1968, Erlab® was the first ever to invent Captair® the first ductless filtering fume enclosure for the filtration of toxic chemicals. Since its creation, the company, a pioneer in its fields has always had the know-how to offer the most efficient system in terms of filtration quality and filter life.

TRESPA (The Netherlands)

Well known International company that specializes in developing high performance and high-quality panel. Trespa TopLabPLUS® is widely used in our products, as it provides unmatched chemical resistance, anti-microbacterial and has good durability.


Durcon specializes in high quality epoxy solid panels for laboratory work surface. This product primarily apply to users with extreme chemical resistant requirements and higher budget limit. Durcon also provides lifetime limited warranty for their products.

BROEN (Denmark)

BROEN develops, manufactures and delivers complete range of fittings for professional laboratories as well as a complete range of emergency showers complying with the European Committee Standardization requirements DS/EN 15154 1 and 2

SPA (Malaysia)

SPA produces best quality chemical-resistant polypropylene products such as sinks, cups, drainage, bottle traps for laboratory needs.

AdvanceLab (Singapore)

AdvanceLab produces quality Flammable and Acid Storage Cabinets that are well known in Asia Pasific.

SEAT (France)

One of France’s leading manufactures in producing exhaust fan, and airflow monitors.

FUMEX (Sweden)

With more than 30 years of experience, FUMEX is one of the leading manufacture in the local extractors and mobile filter in Europe. FUMEX offer solutions to eliminate hazardous particles and gases in labs.


Swagelok Company and its products are respected the worldwide for its stainless steel fittings, particularly for gas line system. They hold ISO 9000 and quality system Certificate approvals from BSI and ASME, respectively.

MAICA (Malaysia)

Maica started in 1968, producing high quality compact laminate panels. Maica’s maiLab Chem is a high pressure decorative compact laminate manufactured especially for the chemical laboratory environment.